Worst Fear Best Fantasy

Worst Fear Best Fantasy

ongoing (begun 2013)
Tumblr website
Dimensions variable

Worst Fear Best Fantasy is a Tumblr-based project that utilizes Google’s “search by image” functionality to explore social anxieties about the availability of pornography on the Web.

I employ a fairly simple procedure in which I use the URLs from pornographic images found on Tumblr sites to search for visually similar images, then repost a selection of the results on a Tumblr site with accompanying tags.  (I also discard images that depict people pictured in the original image or are otherwise sexual in of themselves.)

The piece plays with the titillating nature of having fears and fantasies exist in such close proximity (only a link away), and considers the ways in which pornography and the internet each produce their own unique—but related—social anxieties and desires.

Live site: http://worstfearbestfantasy.tumblr.com/