Inside Right

poster featuring approximately 140 stamps with logos of California queer bars

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Inside Right Poster

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Inside Right is an attempt to document all of California’s queer bars that were open at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, honoring those that closed their doors during this time and celebrating those that continue to serve.  Formatted as a collection of stamps, the piece gestures toward the intimate ephemerality of these simple markers of entry into nightlife venues as well as to the general precarity of queer community spaces (even prior to pandemic restrictions).

Poster Info

silk-screened and stamped poster
edition of 100

Posters are printed on archival paper (light blue hue, magenta ink) using the final stamp collection. Please expect some variation. 
Posters are signed and numbered, with an edition of 100.

Net proceeds will support queer nightlife and community organizations — the Stud Bar Stabilization Fund and TransLatin@ Coalition.

Special thanks to Cai Carranza and Kiana Lynn Macayan Anderson for their studio assistance.

Stamp Collection

Collectors: I will be creating a small number of editions of the actual set of stamps. Please email me if you’re interested in purchasing one.


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